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Who We Are -A Distinct Identity

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Historic WDM Valley Junction Neighborhood Association Mission:

• Promote open discussion of neighborhood issues
• Pursue solutions and actions favored by members
• Monitor and inform members of private initiatives and public policies significant to Historic West Des Moines HWDMVJNA
• Promote neighborhood activities and events

Historic WDM Valley Junction Neighborhood Association Vision:

• Safe, walkable streets
• Neighborhood-oriented and neighborhood-friendly businesses and services
• Preserve and promote public and private green spaces
• Respect, recognize and maintain ethnic, family, socio-economic, cultural diversity and historic principals
• Managing growth while ensuring livable density, a diversity of architectural styles and a well-maintained neighborhood
• Achieving a sense of community and security by encouraging responsibility, involvement and pride among all residents and owners
• Healthy and active relationships with other neighborhood groups, civic organizations and government agencies
• To mentor the next generation of community leaders
• Encourage home ownership of affordable housing
• An environment compatible with the above goals

Historic WDM Valley Junction Neighborhood Association actively participates with the West Des Moines City Council meetings. We consider all citywide issues, working with the City of West Des Moines to help implement a broad plan on how to improve the member neighborhoods.

The Historic WDM Valley Junction Neighborhood Association Founding Members (HWDMVJNA FM) is the principal representative, governing, and policy-recommending body of the HWDMVJNA. FM's are governed by the will of the membership as expressed at general and special meetings.

HWDMVJNA meets monthly on the 1st Saturday of each month at the Valley Junction Activity Center 217 5th Street, West Des Moines from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM.

All HWDMVJNA meetings are open to HWDMVJNA members, and everyone is encouraged to attend the monthly general meetings!

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