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We have been working diligently on establishing a successful neighborhood watch program. We believe a strong neighborhood with tremendous support from the West Des Monies police department we can make a difference. We encourage all our neighbors to get involved!

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Neighborhood Watch
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* Introductions of new neighbors & new businesses!
* Volunteer opportunities!
* Announcements of neighborhood specials and discounts!
* Help wanted or employment opportunities!
* Be Creative! What's: #OnlyInTheJunction!

Please feel free to post anything that helps your neighbors and our neighborhood including local businesses! This is a great place for us to work together as a community!

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Open Door
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Valley Junction New Phenix Rising
Little Free Libraries.jpg

Check out all of the Little Free Libraries of Valley Junction. Take a tour of the neighborhood, take books, read books, leave books, and will repeat this activity over and over again. How exciting is that?

Here are the streets where they will be found.
2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th,8th,9th, and10th

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Little Free Libraries of Valley Junction
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We are a very unique community, filled with colorful homes and the personalities to match! Valley Junction is kind of like your grandmothers quilt! We have lots of history, filled with miss-matched patterns, and bold colors that pull us all together into a comfortable, familiar, fun and safe place to live, shop or visit! Unlike most urban areas, you will not see the usual shades of only taupe and gray, nor will you see the neighbors and businesses trying to “Keep up with the Joneses” Instead...we all beat at the sound of our own drum!

There is a full rainbow of colors to be seen here in Valley Junction! Please post pics of what’s #OnlyInTheJunction! to YOU?!

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Only In The Junction

What can we all do to support the Historic WDM Neighborhood Association?

We can purchase, promote and share our new Marketing and Promotional Items! All proceeds go back into our general fund, allowing continued support to better our community!

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HWDMVJNA Marketing and Promotional Services
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Over the next few months we will be working on collecting recipes from friends, family, and neighbors as part of the West Des Moines 125th Celebration. Invite friends! If you would like to join the committee or have any questions, contact Jennifer at

- Will there be a cover art contest? YES! And will need historic pictures for the dividers.
- Is there a limit to how many recipes I can submit? NO!
- What kind of recipes do you want? Good ones!!! Tried and true family favorites!
- Where can I drop off my recipe forms? We are still working on setting up drop off points. Stay tuned for more info!
- Where can I get recipe forms? You can print from here, or there will be copies at drop off points (TBD). Or you can just email your recipe following the format of the recipe form to Jennifer -

We want to showcase the diversity of West Des Moines! Everyone is invited to participate! Involve your family and your neighbors!

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WDM 125 Community Cookbook Kick Off!
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